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    Anti-hype brands. We are here to discover the unknown.


    After years of sneaker collecting, I concluded that we were all force fed what to like. As collectors, we are subject to a huge monopoly that was and currently is headlined by two global superpowers. They are associated with the biggest artists and most illustrious athletes on the planet. By doing so, they brainwash the community into pursuing only the products that they dictate.
    It's not about what you want to wear, but to impress and pan out in a global community that is brainwashed. Hence, the hypebeast was born. A collector that needs social acceptance and gains it only by wearing whatever the monopoly dictates. At the end of the day, the consumer is the one who truly sets the status quo in the sneaker community.
    Obscure sneakers was created to be the counter Hype community. I started it as an Instagram page, posting and reposting rare up and coming brands. We also focus on rare models from brands such as Asics, New Balance, Reebok, Hummel, Lotto, Karhu, and Saucony.  I also curate forgotten brands and models from back in the golden days of sneakers (Etonic, Avia, Mizuno etc).
    The community has been growing and the hunger for the "Anti Hype" is becoming more and more evident in the community. Collectors have voiced their opinions and their voices have been heard. Hence, I decided to open up a marketplace for all the brands that are mentioned and revered on our social media page. is the one place where you can satisfy your craving on the unique and obscure. If you love to stand out and set your own trend, then you are at the right place. You make a part of the Obscure Family! A growing community filled with great collectors with many stories, incredible collections and over the top personalities. This is a place for you, the REAL collector!
    With love and my deepest gratitude,